Flavors & Types

Thin & Crispy

It is the new Extra-Crunchy and tasty texture with the blond color becomes its popularity in the Sunchips home. These thin & crispy potato chips are just divine and taste like the best potato chips, one will ever have. Sunchips “Thin & Crispy” introduced first time in the Bangladesh market with three different flavors:

“Tomato Tango”-

Sweet and tangy flavor is highly popular among the children.

“Mix Masala”-

It’s a combines of local spices and herbs.

“Salt & Pepper”-

Fickle spice and salty message to one’s mind.

Regular (V-Cut)
we have 3 sizes 80gm, 38gm and 16gm

“Cream & Onion”-

Busting taste for cool and creamy attitude inside.

“Garlic & Chili”-

Brings a taste of Southeast Asia to Bangladesh, a strong Garlic flavor is assented with Thai red Chili’s, a perfect combination of  heat and Garlic make for an unforgettably good taste.


It’s a truly unique flavor in the Bangladesh. The ancient Japanese ingredient full of spice and heat, this flavor is extremely popular among Bangladeshi’s who just love to spice up their life!

“Tomato Tango”-

It’s sweet and tangy flavor is hugely popular among children and treat for all.

“Mix Masala”-

It’s a true representative of Bangladesh in potato chip, made from a combination of local spices and herbs.